Explore the wild nature
and incredible diversity
of cultures that Russia offers
Explore the wild nature and incredible diversity
of cultures that Russia offers
Get out of the permafrost of everyday life and travel around the world's largest country. Among the icebergs, changing their color with the setting sun of the polar day - to pass on a cargo ship 5 seas of the Arctic ocean. Cross Chukotka-one of the most remote regions of the country, which still belongs to the wild. A trip to Russia from East to West. See and capture the amazing nature and people living in different traditions of one huge country.
extrem north
Road of bones
- 70 t
Lake Baikal
Anatoly Chernyavskiy
photographer, traveler
Anatoly was born in 1984 in the Republic of Tajikistan. In the early 90's the family moved to Russia. From his youth Anatoly was fond of sports and motorcycles. After graduation, he went on his first motorcycle trip to lake Baikal. Working as an engineer at a nuclear power plant, he continued to travel. He visited almost all regions of Russia and neighboring countries on his bike. He organized more than 10 photo exhibitions about his travels. An important turning point was his trip to South America, where he spent more than a year. After his return, Anatoly decided to direct all his travel experience to Russia.
For this adventure I will need some unusual things. Warm clothes, waders for crossing cold rivers, extra fuel for 800 km, reserve of food for 2 weeks. And many other things that burden not only the budget, but also my Honda XR650L, turning the bike into a gypsy vagon.

Permafrost zone

The book describes the history of the journey to Chukotka through Yakutia and Kolyma. Beautiful photos, description of roads and attractions.
Format — web book. language — English.
The cost is 10 usd.

Сalendar for the year 2020

By 2020, I am making three new calendars about the regions of Russia: Yakutia, Kolyma and Chukotka. On the calendar page you will find the best photos, calendar blocks, description of interesting places to travel and a block for notes.
The cost per calendar is 20 usd.
Set of three calendars — 50 usd.
A3 format, reversible, language — English.
The price includes: calendar signed by the author, sticker, packaging in a special box.
Delivery is paid separately
(10 — 15$ worldwide).
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