Photo album
Between 2 Oceans
A photo story about a trip to Yakutia, Magadan and Chukotka. About an amazing romantic region, whose shores are washed by the waters of two oceans - the Pacific and Arctic.
The Chukotka Peninsula is located in the extreme north of Russia. It was difficult to plan a trip to the peninsula. There are no roads to Chukotka. To get there I tried 2 ways: across the Arctic Ocean on a big cargo ship and along the river Kolyma on small boats. Only on Kolyma River I had to change 3 boats to get to Chukotka.
To get to the Kolyma River, you have to pass the Road of Bones. I like this region for traveling by motorcycle and I tried to pass all historical places along the way, including an abandoned section of the road (Old Summer Road) and abandoned Gulag prison camps. The Old Kolyma road (Old Summer Road) was built much earlier than the existing road, but nowadays it is becoming more and more abandoned. The Old road to Magadan is 200 km shorter, but the short straight road looks tempting only on the map. Wooden bridges have collapsed. Rivers and swamps have drowned pieces of the road. I was lucky to pass this road twice to realize I was ready for Chukotka.
The main roads in Chukotka have always been winter roads used during the period of a long northern winter. The peninsula also has year-round roads. Like everything else here on the edge of the Earth, these roads have features. There are no bridges across numerous rivers. On my first trip to Chukotka 2018 with motorbike, I used big trucks to cross rivers. Next year I decided to do it myself with an inflatable boat and lightweight motorcycle Honda XR 250 Baja. It was scary to use a boat, especially when water in mountain rivers was rising after the rains. Once I had to live on the river bank for 3 days waiting for the water level to drop.
Almost the entire territory of the Chukchi peninsula is beyond the Arctic Circle. Almost nobody knows about it, but two unique geographical lines intersect here: the line of 180 meridians which separates the East from the West and
the Polar Circle line.
Thousands of kilometers of dirt roads, harsh nature, mountains, seas, rivers, tundra, wildlife and, of course, people living on this cold land. The book presents the best stories and photographs for 2 years of travel.
In the pages of the photo album you will find not only an exciting travel history, but also useful maps with descriptions of roads and sights.
The size of the photo album is 26x22 cm. 250 pages, Đ½ard cover, pleasant to the touch glare-free paper, professional layout. The text is in two languages: English and Russian.
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